Showing Up
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 1169
Date published 1 July 2019
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"Limited Motions" "Divine Diversion"
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Cousin rivalry is on display as Gontor Hammerfell uses delaying tactics to slow Durkon and his kin's progress.



Panel 1

Logann: Aunt Sigdi, do you prefer an sword or a battleaxe?
Sigdi Thundershield: Axe, please, thanks.

Panel 2

"Swoonsh!" With his own great axe, Durkon's cousin Logann disarms one of the dominated dwarves, sending the smaller axe up and over to Sigdi's outstretched hand.

Panel 3

Sigdi Thundershield: Haha, stop showin' off an' go help yer cousin.

Panel 4

Logann slashes Gontor, "SLAASH", inflicting damage. Durkon smiles slightly at seeing this.
Gontor Hammerfell: Ahhh!

Panel 5

Gontor Hammerfell: What am I doing? I'm letting myself get distracted, just like my master did. I don't need to defeat these dwarves, I just need to keep them out of the inner chamber for a few more minutes.

Panel 6

Gontor Hammerfell: Blade barrier!
A wall of spinning tribladed knives appears between Gontor and his opponents.

Panel 7

Logann: Oh, you think that's gonna stop me? Big mistake, picking a wall—

Panel 8

Logann walks through the spinning knives, taking damage.
Logann: Nnnnh!!—we can still get through!

Panel 9

Logann: I guess an evil monster like you will never understand that us dwarves are willing to fight with every last breath, every last drop of our blood, to protect—

Panel 10

Durkon: Greater Dispel Magic.
The wall of spinning knives fades.

Panel 11

Durkon: Cure Critical Wounds.
Logann is covered in light as Durkon applies the spell.

Panel 12

Logann: You'd think a cleric of Thor wouldn't need to steal his buddy's thunder like that.
Durkon: Sorry, Cousin. I usually try na to outshine the party fighter, but I'm used ta workin' wit a much stronger one!
Sigdi Thundershield: Och, if ye boys cannae get along, so help me I will turn this battle around!

D&D Context Edit

  • Blade Barrier is a 6th level spell w which creates a wall of whirling blades. They do 1d6 damage per level, and Gontor is known to be at least 13th level, so minimum 13d6, with half damage taken if a Reflex saving throw is made.
    • The relatively high damage dealt by Blade Barrier along with his general combat prowess indicates that Logann is probably of moderately high level at this point.
  • Greater Dispel Magic is 6th level for clerics, and is a more powerful version of the basic Dispel Magic spell, capable of cancelling spell and other magic effects.
  • Cure Critical Wounds is a 4th level cleric spell. It heals 4d8 damage plus 1 point per level of the caster. Durkon is 13th level in this comic.


  • This is the latest appearance of the Council of Clans guard with the black beard, first appearing in #1155.

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