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Southern Continent
Aliases Southern Lands
Religions Southern Pantheon

Locations in the Southern Continent

The Southern Continent, also called the Southern Lands[1] is the area of the main continent south of the Division Mountains and including the Southern Mountains. The areas of the Southern Continent prominently portrayed in Order of the Stick are mostly those areas just to the south of the isthmus dividing the Southern from the Northern Continent, primarily Azure City and its environs as well as locales in the Southern Mountains.

Plot Lines Occurring in the Southern Continent[edit | edit source]

Nations of the Southern Continent[edit | edit source]

† Former

Cities, Towns, and Settlements in the Southern Continent[edit | edit source]

* Capital City

Other Locations and Regions in the Southern Continent[edit | edit source]

Bodies of Water Surrounding the Southern Continent[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Comic #204, "What's My Motivation?"

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Southern Continent
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