Vaarsuvius comes to the rescue to put out the fire on the burning Mechane.

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Panel 1

Below deck, Vaarsuvius works on an arcane scroll.
Blackwing: Unnnnhh...
Vaarsuvius: How can you be airsick? You are an avian!
Blackwing: Hey, I fly under my own power! 
Vaarsuvius: I fail to see what difference that should make.

Panel 2

Blackwing: Tell you what: Instead of walking everywhere, how about you sit in a bathtub tied to a boulder, and then we give it a push down a hill?
Blackwing: And then we'll see how settled your stomach stays.

Panel 3

Up on deck
Haley: We need you up here, please!
Haley: Fast-ish!

Panel 4

Vaarsuvius: Promise not to vomit on my scroll.
Blackwing: Let's not sully our relationship with cheap lies.
Vaarsuvius: *sigh*

Panel 5

Haley: V, the engine's on fire!
Elan: And it's not supposed to be!
Vaarsuvius: Thank you, Elan, for that key situational context.

Panel 6

Vaarsuvius: The rain itself is clearly not up to the task of extinguishing the flame.
Haley: I had some luck using my ice arrows.
Vaarsuvius: Has the area been evacuated?
Haley: Yes.

Panel 7

Vaarsuvius: Then stand back.
Vaarsuvius: Cone of Cold.

Panel 8

The Cone of Cold blasts the stern of the Mechane, "FWOOOSH!" A bumper sticker on the back of the airship reads "MY OTHER AIRSHIP IS A CARPET".

Panel 9

Beat. A single piece of wood burns near V on the deck.

Panel 10

V turns and descends the steps from the quarterdeck.

Panel 11

V extinguishes the burning splinter without looking.
Vaarsuvius: Ray of Frost.

Panel 12

Vaarsuvius continues down the companionway.

D&D Context Edit

  • Cone of Cold is a 5th level spell which creats an area of extreme cold extending out in a cone 60 feet from the caster's hand.
  • Ray of Frost is a cantrip (0th level) which projects a ray of freezing air from the caster's finger.

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