Yikyik and Belkar clash once more on the way to the Earth Sigil.

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Panel 1

Roy, Thog, Belkar, and Yikyik set out.
Roy: OK, let's go find an Earth Sigil or whatever.

Panel 2

Yikyik stabs Belkar
Belkar: AARGH!

Panel 3

Belkar draws his daggers.
Belkar: Why you little orange piece of sh—
Roy (interrupting): Did—did you just stab Belkar?

Panel 4

Yikyik: What? He totally provoked me! He left my threatened area!
Roy: You've got to be kidding me. C'mon, let's go, this has to be simultaneous.

Panel 5

Yikyik stabs Belkar a second time
Belkar: AARGH!!
Belkar: DAMN IT!

Panel 6

Belkar: Again??
Yikyik: Combat Reflexes, ass-wipe.
Roy: HEY! Knock it off, you two. Let's go!

Panel 7

Yikyik and Belkar don't move

Panel 8

Yikyik: Why aren't you following your leader?
Belkar: And leave your threatened area again? Nuh-uh.

Panel 9

Belkar: Why aren't you following your big dumb door-opener?
Yikyik: No reason.

Panel 10

Belkar and Yikyik (in unison): Right.

Panel 11

Yikyik and Belkar stare at each other

Panel 12

Roy looks at Yikyik and Belkar

Panel 13

Roy: You know, normally this kind of thing would upset me, but I think our chances of success just went up.
thog: yay! thog happy talky-man is happy.
Roy: Then again...

D&D Context Edit

  • The comic's title refers to Attacks of Opportunity, which allows a person to make a free melee attack on certain conditions, such as an opponent leaving a space when you are nearby. This is known as "leaving a threatened area." Yikyik, apparently, is not hesitant when it comes to abusing it.
  • Normally, characters can only make one Attack of Opportunity per round, however if they've selected the Combat Reflexes feat they can make more.
  • Warrior-type classes are known for their "kick-in-the-door" playstyle, hence Belkar's insult of calling Thog a "big dumb door opener."

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  • This is the first time Thog refers to Roy as "talky-man."

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