Starmetal is a special material in the game Dungeons & Dragons (detailed in the sourcebook Complete Arcane).

When the Order of the Stick returned to a town after the Dungeon of Dorukan in order to resupply, Roy Greenhilt saw the town dwarven blacksmith (who, in reality, was the Linear Guild member Sabine in disguise). Roy was told that his Greenhilt Sword was made out of pure starmetal; such fell in the Wooden Forest nearby so he should collect it so his sword could be reforged.

However the starmetal was collected by a black dragon.

Roy approaches the starmetal in the dragon's lair

Roy and the Order traveled through Wooden Forest, and eventually found the starmetal (which turned out to be a small pebble-sized chunk). Roy kept it anyway.

After being found not guilty in the courts of Azure City, Roy attempted to get it reforged, and was fairly surprised to hear that his sword never actually contained any starmetal whatsoever. In fact, were the blade actually forged from pure starmetal, it would be far too heavy to wield and would have to contain all the starmetal in the known world. With the small nugget of starmetal,(which was actually the largest piece of starmetal in the known world) however, the blacksmith could reforge the sword as a +5 sword that sometimes glows with a deadly green energy which makes it particularly deadly against undead foes. The blacksmith offered to do something to counteract the green energy, but Roy told him not to.

In #1009 and #1010, the starmetal sword is shown to have properties that has not been mentioned/known before, subsequently healing Roy in his fight against "Durkon". However, when Roy realised that his sword was glowing green, the effect vanished, probably implying that the starmetal sword's magical properties is somehow related to his emotions.

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