Haley saves the Mechane with inexplicable powers of persuasion.

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Panel 1

Belkar plays with Mr. Scruffy near Vaarsuvius and Blackwing outside a building marked, "Office".

Panel 2

Bandana: OK, we worked it out with the head mechanic, and we have good news and bad news.
Roy: Well, considering my recent events, I have a feeling the “bad news” will be somewhat relative.
Roy: No offense, Durkon.
"Durkon": None taken.

Panel 3

Bandana: The good news is, she can start repairs right away. The bad news is, they’ll take at least a week.
Roy: A week?? What happened to paying for a rush job?

Panel 4

Bandana: That is a rush job. Apparently, Andi’s jury-rigging needs to be undone carefully or the whole ship might explode.
Andi: Hey, we’d be sitting at the bottom of the sea if it weren’t for my—
Bandana: Yeah, I know, but that don’t change nothin’ now.

Panel 5

"Durkon": Roy, lad, thar’s no way we can wait tha long!! We haf ta keep movin’!
Roy: I know. We’re going to have to find another way north.

Panel 6

Bandana: Yeah, I figured.
Bandana: ‘Course without you guys footin’ part of the bill, I don’t think we can afford repairs at all. It’s up over 200,000 gp, before the refueling.
Bandana: But that ain’t your problem, you got the world to save. We’ll get by. I’m just sorry we couldn’t be of more help.

Panel 7

Roy: Hey, you got us out of the desert and this far, that’s nothing to be—
Haley: No, no, no—no way this is how your stint at captain ends. Let me talk to her.

Panel 8

Andi: What the heck is she gonna do? Haggle the price down a little?
Andi: It doesn’t matter, we don’t have anywhere near that much—

Panel 9

Haley: OK, she’s agreed to 43,000 gp including the fuel, and it’ll be ready first thing tomorrow morning.
Bandana: Are you kidding?? That’s amazing! Thank you!!

Panel 10

Andi: What? How—? Did she just use magic on her?
Roy: Nah, magic makes sense. What she does defies the natural order.
Haley: Also, she threw in a 25% off coupon at the local potion master and four free passes to brunch.
Elan: Oooo, waffles!

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  • Haley is known to have a "maxed" bluff skill (18+ ranks), revealed in #412. It is likely she used her ungodly powers of lying and being believed to secure the deal for fixing up the Mechane.

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