The Order finally miss Durkon. You have one guess who gets blamed.

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Panel 1

Belkar kicks arouns Yikyik's severed head.
Belkar: Belkar shoots, he scores!
Haley: Yuck.
Roy: We took a beating back there, we probably ought to rest.
Vaarsuvius: Yes, I am currently spell-free.

Panel 2

Roy: Hey, Durkon, why don't you break out whatever healing you have left and—

Panel 3

Beat. Roy suddenly realizes Durkon is missing.

Panel 4

Roy: Crap on a stick.

Panel 5

Roy: Umm, not to sound overly alarmist, but does anyone happen to know where Durkon is right now?
Haley: WHAT?!?
Elan: Oh no!

Panel 6

Belkar: No cleric? No, no, no, Belkar gots to get his heal on! Those few hit points from resting are not gonna cut it!

Panel 7

Haley: Oh man! I can't believe you and Vaarsuvius forgot to help Durkon!
Belkar: What an Epic-level screw up.
Elan: Good job, you two.
Roy: Wait, us???

Panel 8

Roy: As I recall, all five of us were in the room, and NONE of us remembered to bring him along.

Panel 9

Haley: True.
Haley: But the three of us are so consistently and staggeringly irresponsible that it's utterly unreasonable to expect us to have been paying any attention in the first place.
Belkar: Damn straight.

Panel 10

Roy: actually a very valid point.
Roy: You're right. My bad.

Panel 11

Elan: I am so disappointed in you, Roy.
Roy: Don't push it.

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  • Characters heal HP equal to their character level with a full night's sleep. This is almost always not considered enough to sustain most characters, unless they're taking multiple days between fights.
  • "Epic-level" refers to any level above 20. Most campaigns do not reach that far, and indeed, the core rulebooks do not even have rules for those levels. Supplemental material is often required for an epic-level campaign.

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