The Bright Side
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 333
Date published 22 July 2006
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"The Ephemerality of Memory" "If You Want Something Done Right"
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For the other comic titled "The Bright Side", see The Bright Side (877).

Durkon handles the news of his certain death with unexpected aplomb.

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Panel 1

Elan: I think she was a girl. You know, in stories, Oracles are always female.
Belkar: No, no, no, the Oracle was a man.
Vaarsuvius: I fail to see what difference it makes.
Roy: Hey, uh, if the blind men could stop describing the elephant for a moment? Let's make camp. We can still be back at Azure City by tomorrow night.
Roy: Then it's off to Girard's Gate to stop Xykon.

Panel 2

Belkar: And another thing, where did you get the idea that he was a human? He was clearly a halfling.
Elan: Nuh uh! I remember her clearly, she was blonde and pretty, just like my Mommy.
Vaarsuvius: Fascinating. I distinctly remember an aged elf with a blindfold...

Panel 3

Roy: Hey Durkon, can you believe they're arguing over what the Oracle looked like, just like we—

Panel 4

Roy: Oh! Uh, sorry, I...I'm sorry.
Roy: I guess the Oracle's answer to your question was... uh...I'm sorry, I didn't know you were—

Panel 5

Roy (off-panel): —laughing???
Durkon: I get to go home!!

Panel 6

Durkon: Home, home, home, home! Durkon gets ta go home!
Roy: Oooookay.

Panel 7

Roy: Durkon, you do know what the word, "posthumously" means in Common, right? Because it doesn't mean, "After something funny."
Durkon: Aye, lad, it means, "after I die".

Panel 8

Durkon: Which means I get ta be buried in me ancestral tomb wit' honor, next ta me pappy, an' me granpappy, an' me great-granpappy, and me—
Roy: Yeah, I sense the pattern.

Panel 9

Durkon: All this time, I thought I'd be dyin' out here in human lands and me corpse'd be eaten by some monster.
Durkon: Now I know I'll be brought home, an' sure as Thor don't own shaving cream, I'll be buried with me family.
Durkon: This be all a dwarf like me could want!

Panel 10

Roy: But...
Roy:'ll still be dead.
Durkon: As a doornail! Isn't it glorious?!?
Durkon: Ha ha ha! Home, home home!

Panel 11

Roy: You are a very strange little bearded man, Durkon.
Durkon: Aye, lad. Aye.

Trivia Edit

  • To be dead as a doornail means to be unquestionably dead.
  • The comic that share the same title, #877, also shares parallel dialog.

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