Elan uses his bard songs to assist the team. Roy tries to bluff an ogre guard.

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Panel 1

Durkon is jumping over a pit.
Elan (singing): ♪♪Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump, over the Pit!♪♪

Panel 2

Roy: What are you doing?
Elan: I'm inspiring competence!

Panel 3

Elan: I use my magical songs to lift the spirit and make any task easier!
Roy: Whatever.

Panel 4

Stupid Ogre: Hunh. Hunnerd gold to pass.
Roy: Let me handle this.
Durkon: Aye, lad.

Panel 5

Roy: Oh, uh, hello, we, uh, paid yesterday.
Stupid Ogre: Oh, okay...

Panel 6

Elan (singing): ♪Bluff, Bluff, Bluff, Bluff the Stupid Ogre!♪♪

Panel 7

The team is running away from the ogre.
Elan: I guess he rolled his Sense Motive.
Roy: I hate you.

D&D Context Edit

  • Bards in D&D gain the ability Inspire Competence at 3rd level which allows the bard to bolster their ally's skill checks with music. The ability doesn't work with certain skill checks, which are largely at the DM's discretion.
  • When a character lies in D&D, they often have to roll a Bluff check, while the opposing NPC rolls a Sense Motive check. If the Bluff check is higher, the lie is believed, but if the Sense Motive is higher the lie is sniffed out by the opposing NPC, hence Elan's joke at the end of the comic.

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  • This is the first time we see Elan use his bard singing ability.
  • This is the first appearance of the Stupid Ogre.

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