The Order answers more fan mail.

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Panel 1

Haley: Well, this seems like a good spot to stop and answer some more reader mail!
Belkar: Because it was so popular the first time.
Elan: It was?
Belkar: No. No it was not.

Panel 2

Haley: So here's our first question, from Dave in Kansas City, Missouri:
The letter reads:
Who uses a twelve-
sided die? I don't
think I've ever rolled
a d12 in my life!

Panel 3

Elan: The poor d12, so maligned, so misunderstood.
Elan: Shunned by its more popular d6 and d20 bretheren[sic], even the d4 secretly laughs at the poor twelve-sider.
Elan: The d3 gets more play, and it doesn't even exist!
d4: Loser!

Panel 4

Cut to a scene of Thog swinging a greataxe at a helpless Commoner.
Elan (inset): But the d12 does have one refuge: the barbarian! Whether for hit points or for greataxe damage, the d12 and the barbarian are best buddies.
Thog: thog power attack for 1d12+567 damage! grrr!
d12: Yeah! Kick his ass!
Random Person: I sure hope he rolls a one for damage.

Panel 5

Cut back to Haley and Belkar.
Haley: So yes, Dave, someone does use a d12, and you're better off not making them angry.
Belkar: Luckily, none of them can read this comic, so allow me to just say:

Panel 6

Elan: Next letter, from Amber in Canada:
The letter reads:
I love Haley! She's a
rogue, but would you
say she is more of a
ninja-rogue, or more
of a pirate-rogue?

Panel 7

Haley: Ahhhhhhh, Ninja vs. Pirate, the age-old debate.
Belkar: And by "age old" she means, "showed up on the Internet like two years ago, at most."

Panel 8

Haley: But which lifestyle is more to my liking...
Haley: Ninja...

Panel 9

Cut to Haley dressed as a Ninja threatening an Asian man in Japanese attire.
Ninja Victim: Please! I will give you my unusually vast and particularly glittery fortune! Just spare my life.
Haley (as a ninja): Honor demands that I must refuse. Prepare to die.

Panel 10

Cut back to Haley.
Haley: ...or Pirate?

Panel 11

Pirate #1: More wine, Pirate Queen?
Pirate #2: More treasure, Pirate Queen?
Pirate #3: Another sensual massage, Pirate Queen?

Panel 12

Haley: Pirate.
Haley: Definitely Pirate.
Elan: Nice Choice.
Belkar: I wouldn't know, I can't even Spot the ninja panel.

D&D Context Edit

  • A "3-sided dice" is usually rolled by rolling a 6-sided dice and dividing the result by 2 and rounding up, although actual d3's do exist.
  • Belkar says that Barbarians can't read the comic because Barbarians start the game not knowing how to read.

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  • This is the second "fan-mail" filler comic; the first is #33, Mail Call, and the third is #259, Son of Mail Call.
  • Recurring gag: In #3, See Spot Spot, he couldn't spot a band ninjas who were standing right next to him.
  • The 3rd unnamed pirate is used as an Order of the Stick avatar on the Forum.
  • Despite Belkar's comment, he later multiclasses into the Barbarian base class in #132.

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