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Comic no. 7
Date published 27 October 2003
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"The Cleric is 'In'" "The Benefit of a High Bluff Score"
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Durkon prays to Thor in order to heal Elan.

Cast Edit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

Durkon: Elan's in a bad way... and I'm out a CSW's now.
Roy: Do what you can, Durkon.

Panel 2

Durkon and Elan are sitting, surrounded with candles.
Durkon: Mighty Thor, yer humble servant asks ye for aid in me hour a' need.

Panel 3

Voice: Hello! And welcome to ThorPrayer®.

Panel 4

Voice: To continue in Common, chant "one" now! Ech tod kodo kra'th, shwur[1] "deth" frek.
Durkon: Umm... "One!"

Panel 5

Voice: If you know the name of the miracle you would like to request, chant "one" now.
Durkon: One!

Panel 6

Voice: Please intone the first three letters of the name of the miracle now.
Durkon: Well, I want ta heal ye, so... H-E-A!

Panel 7

Voice: You have selected, "Heathen Smiting". If this is correct, chant "one". If not, chant "two".
Durkon: Two!

Panel 8

Voice: You have selected, "Heat Blisters of Eternal Pain". If this is correct, chant "one". If not, chant "two".
Durkon: Two! TWO!

Panel 9

Voice: You have selected, "Tumor". To choose the type of tumor with which to smite Thor's enemies, chant "three" now.
Durkon: Three.
Durkon: No! CRAP!

Panel 10

Voice: You have selected, "Colon Tumor".
Durkon: Gaah!
Elan: Umm... Could I maybe just get a potion?

D&D Context Edit

  • "Common" is a name for the language spoken by most inhabitants of D&D worlds -- it's in common to people from a variety of races. Many races have their own languages, such as Dwarvish, Elvish, Black-Dragonish, etc.
  • In D&D divine spellcasters like clerics, druids, and rangers pray to their gods to prepare their spells before they can cast them.
  • At 10th level, Clerics can pray to their god for Divine Intervention. If the deity intervenes, the cleric may receive whatever assistance was asked for, for example a healing spell effect. This is what Durkon is doing when he calls ThorPrayer.
  • CSW means Cure Serious Wounds

Trivia Edit

  • The answering machine is referred to in #40, The Gods Must be Busy, and in #1140, Better Left in the Past.
  • This is also the first time Thor is mentioned, as well as the strip in which Durkon is established to be a cleric of Thor.

References Edit

  1. The part after the "sh" is obscured by Durkon's head in the online comic, but is visible in the Dungeon Crawlin' Fools book.

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