The Order of the Stick battles elements of the Vector Legion, with each team riding a dinosaur. Laurin allows Tarquin's triceratops to wormhole in front of the Order at every turn, eventually impaling Bloodfeast the Extreme-inator (who is named in this strip), before he is polymorphed into a lizard by Miron.

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Panel 1

Roy: Damn it! Fine, if running's futile, we stand and fight. Belkar, take us—
Vaarsuvius: No, Sir Greenhilt—please trust me when I recommend that we keep our distance as long as possible.
Vaarsuvius: If they had any spells capable of stopping us outright from long range, they would have already employed them.

Panel 2

Belkar: So where are we—
Roy: You heard the elf. Run!

Panel 3

Bloodfeast, carrying the party, runs while Vaarsuvius and Blackwing fly above.

Panel 4

A wormhole opens up in front of them, Bloodfeast rears up to avoid the triceratops' horn

Panel 5

Bloodfeast turns to run as the Vector Legion comes through the wormhole. Vaarsuvius hits them with a Lightning Bolt. (No spoken casting.)

Panel 6

A blue dotted line traces Bloodfeast's zig-zag path through the desert. At three points along the way, wormholes have opened up causing it to turn and run in a new direction.

Panel 7

Bloodfeast is unable to turn away as Tarquin's triceratops charges through a wormhole, goring Bloodfeast with its three horns. Haley is thrown from its back.

Panel 8

Laurin Shattersmith: This close enough for you?
Miron Shewdanker: It'll do.
Miron: Baleful Polymorph.

Panel 9

Bloodfeast changes from a huge allosaur into a tiny lizard; with the dinosaur no longer under them, the rest of the party falls to the ground.

Panel 10

Belkar: No! Not you, Bloodfeast the Extreme-inator!
Haley: You named the dinosaur—?

D&D Context Edit

  • Lightning Bolt is a 3rd level spell that does 1d6/level damage, up to a maximum of 10d6 (which V reaches).
  • Baleful Polymorph is a 5th level spell that allows the caster to turn a creature into a small creature with 1 HD or less. The effect is permanent, until dispelled.
  • Wormhole is a AD&D 2nd Edition Psionicist power, which creates wormholes or portals that connect two distant points in space.

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