Thundershield Family

Current Head

Last Known


Durkon Thundershield

Notable Members

Tenrin Thundershield
Durkon Thundershield
Sigdi Thundershield



Thundershield is the surname of a family of dwarven origin from the Dwarven Lands in the Northern Continent.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Tenrin Thundershield: Husband of Sigdi, father of Durkon. Described as "a true savant" on the subject of geology, he was a sapper serving in the dwarven army under Sigdi, whom he later married. The two had a child, though he died before his son was born, fighting a dangerous troll that had dragon's blood and defeating it by causing a cave-in with his geological skills.
  • Sigdi Thundershield: Wife of Tenrin, mother of Durkon. Formerly a soldier in the dwarven army serving with the rank of Sergeant, she lost her arm in an encounter with a troll with dragon's blood shortly before Durkon's birth, the same encounter that resulted in the death of her husband.
  • Durkon Thundershield: Son of Sigdi and Tenrin. A Cleric of Thor, he first followed the path of the clergy to heal his mother's arm, but was exiled by the High Priest of Thor of the time, Hurak, when he received news of a prophecy that the next time Durkon returned home he would bring death and destruction upon the Dwarven Lands. Serving as the party Cleric in the Order of the Stick, the 55-year old dwarf was killed in action at Girard's Gate while fighting the vampire Cleric Malack. His corpse was used by the vampire spirit known as the High Priest of Hel while his own spirit was trapped within. His spirit now resides in the afterlife.