Haley puts her talents to good use.

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Panel 1

The scene is set in tent city of Sandsedge in the desert. A line of caravans stretches out to the horizon from the gate in the city wall.

Panel 2

Roy: Here we are, gang: The town of Sandsedge, first stop on our journey.
Belkar: This dump? This place is a "town" the way I'm a "contributing member of society".

Panel 3

Roy: Don't let the tents fool you, Belkar. There are traders here from all over the Western Continent. We should have no problem finding what we need to venture into the Great Barren Desert.
Roy: And the faster we get ready, the more likely we can get to Girard's Gate before Xykon finds his phylactery.

Panel 4

Belkar: I still don't see why Bristle Steelpanties over here can't just cast Wind Walk on all of us. We could breeze our way to the Gate in like an hour!
Durkon: Tha desert wind're much too strong fer tha. We'd be blown halfway ta—

Panel 5

Young Girl: Ha ha! Catch me if you—Oh!
A young lizardfolk boy and human girl bump into Durkon, "THUD!"
Durkon: Ooof!

Panel 6

Young Girl: Oh! I'm sorry!
Durkon: It's OK, lass, jus' keep an eye on where yer goin' an' don' play where'n ye could get hurt.
Young Girl: Yes sir, Mr. Dwarf.
Durkon: Now run along, young'ns.

Panel 7

Young Boy (whispering): Did you get his purse?
Young Girl (whispering): Duh! Of course!
Young Boy (whispering): Open it! Open it!

Panel 8

The purse contains only a note:

Not on
my watch,
  — H  

Panel 9

Young Girl: I don't get it, where's the money?
Young Boy: Hey! My purse!

Panel 10

Haley: Seriously, Durkon, if you're going to get your pocked picked in every city we visit, could you at least try to attract higher-level thieves?
Haley: 12 silver and some pieces of string is sort of a waste of my talents.
Mr. Scruffy: Meow! Meow!
Belkar: Mr. Scruffy calls dibs on the string!
Elan: Awww, man!!

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