Touch My Sigil
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 54
Date published 7 April 2004
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"See, They're Flying, Because It's an Air Sigil" "One for the Old-Schoolers"
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Notes from Nale ensure that each Sigil is activated by a member of the Order.

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Panel 1

Roy: That must be the Earth Sigil there.
Thog: nale give thog note for talky-man.

Panel 2

Roy reads the note:
When you reach the Earth
Sigil, touch it and hold there
until the rest of us get into
position. Then a majestic
gateway to the Talisman
should appear.
P.S. I think it should be
you that touches the Sigil,
not Thog. Just a thought.

Panel 3

Roy: Hmmm, that's probably a good idea. Thog, watch for monsters while I activate the magic rune.

Panel 4

Roy touches the earth sigil
A faint rumbling begins, "rumble rumble rumble"

Panel 5

Sabine and Haley hover near the Air Sigil.
Sabine: Are you done searching for traps yet?
Haley: Yeah, I—hey, what's that note you have?
The rumbling can be heard here as well, "rumble rumble rumble rumble"

Panel 6

The sound grows in intensity, "rumble rumble"
Haley: Gimme that!
Sabine: Hey!

Panel 7

Haley reads the note while the noise continues to grow louder, "rumble rumble"
Sabine— Make sure it is either you or Zz'dtri that activates the Air Sigil. Just touch it and wait. —Nale
Haley: AHA! I knew it! You guys are up to no good.

Panel 8

The noise continues, "rumble rumble"
Haley: Well, if Nale wants it to be you who touches it, then that's reason enough for it to be me.
Sabine: Sucker.

Panel 9

Haley touches the Air Sigil and the rumble intensifies, "rumble rumble"

Panel 10

Elan and Nale stand near the Fire Sigil. The noise is heard loudly in the background, "rumble rumble"
Nale: At last, the Fire Sigil
Elan: Ooo, glowy.

Panel 11

The rumbling intensifies, "rumble rumble rumble"
Nale: You know, Elan, once I have the Talisman, you and I can leave this place together and start a new team.
Elan: I couldn't abandon Roy. He needs my help.

Panel 12

The noise gets louder still, "rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble"
Nale: Hrmph. As you wish. However, I insist that the honor of activating the Fire Sigil go to you.
Elan: Neat!

Panel 13

Elan touches the Fire Sigil. The noises jump in intensity, "rumble rumble"

Panel 14

The rumbling reaches its peak, "rumble rumble"
Nale: There, Elan, the gateway to the Talisman opens! The path to the ultimate power reveals its awe-inspiring presence to us!

Panel 15

A normal door labeled Talisman appears with a "pop!"

Panel 16

Nale: I um...
Nale: I'll be honest, I was really expecting something a little more...
Elan: Rumbleworthy?

Trivia Edit

  • Nale has cleverly used the personalities of the Order to ensure that it is they and not members of the Linear Guild who actually touch the Sigils. This is because they can only be activated by beings of pure heart, as noted by Celia in the last strip.

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