When Nale relieves Thog as Roy's adversary, Roy warns him of his mistake.

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Panel 1

Thog: thog crush talky-man!
Roy: Y'know, what I can't figure out is how a subliterate thug like you made it through fighter college.

Panel 2

Thog: thog not just fighter. thog start as barbarian!
Roy: Hmmm, that explains a lot...

Panel 3}

Thog: thog only multiclass to fighter for two levels to get bonus feats.

Panel 4

Thog: fighter level 3 is dumb level. thog not take.
Roy: Hey! Some of my best friends are 3rd level fighters!

Panel 5

Roy: Well, allow me to introduce you to something you missed: Weapon Specialization!
Roy hits Thog on the head
Thog: ouch!

Panel 6

Nale steps in.
Nale: Thog! This isn't working.
Thog: thog reluctantly forced to agree!

Panel 7

Nale: As battles go, I prefer something a little more one-sided.

Panel 8

Nale: Let's switch. You can finish off Elan easily while I hold back Roy.
Thog: okie dokie!

Panel 9

Roy: I think you just made a tactical error there, Nale.
Nale: Oh really? You think I can't take you?
Roy: Maybe. Maybe not. But I do know one thing:

Panel 10

Roy: I've been supressing the urge to beat the crap out of someone who looks EXACTLY like you for a long, long time.

Panel 11

Roy grins evilly at Nale.

Panel 12

Nale flees with Roy running after him with a big grin on his face.

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  • Fighters gain a bonus feat their first two levels and then receive no class abilities on their third level. Many players like to take the first two levels of fighter and then take other class levels.
  • Weapon Specialization is a Feat that has a prerequisite of 4 Fighter levels and improves damage on a chosen weapon.

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