The Order regroups on the Mechane and asks Julio Scoundrél for his help to get to the last gate.

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Panel 1

Sideview of the Mechane speeding up.

Panel 2

Blackwing: If I don't make it... bury me with my shiny!
Vaarsuvius: You are not injured. You have a slight smudge of dirt on three of your feathers.
Vaarsuvius: *sigh*
Belkar: Hey, what was with all the pitching and rolling? I came close to passing out!
Roy: You did pass out.
Belkar: Which I couldn't have done if I hadn't come close to it first, genius.

Panel 3

Elan: Everything's fine. It was nothing Haley and V couldn't handle.
Roy: Oh, OK.
Roy: Check it: healing potions for everyone.
Belkar: Except me. Stupid blood drain.
Bandana: Take as many as you want. We've got crates of 'em on account of the captain's endorsement deal with the brewer.

Panel 4

Splash image of Julio Scoundrél, with the following caption:

Panel 5

Julio: Elan! There you are, my boy!
Elan: Julio! Thanks for showing up! I was worried you weren't going to.
Julio: How could I resist such a compelling argument? Besides, it was the most fun I've had in ages.

Panel 6

Elan: Was it enough fun that you'd maybe pretty pretty please fly me and my friends around for a while?
Julio: Ha! Sure, why not? The Mechane is at your disposal.
Bandana: Does that mean we have a destination?
Roy: North. All the way—past Dwarven Lands, even.
Bandana: Good, 'cause I've been flying on a heading of Get the Heck Out of Here for 15 minutes.

Panel 7

Julio: No problem. I can get you there in ten days—eight, if the fate of the world is at risk.
Roy: You have reserve power you can use?
Julio: No, I mean the ship literally flies faster the more is at stake. Darndest thing, really.

Panel 8

Roy: Huh. Do you think you could shave a day off if there might be two worlds on the line?
Julio: It's worth a shot, but I've been doing this for 30 years and I've never arrived anywhere earlier than the nick of time.

Panel 9

A flashback shows a younger Julio swinging through a window into a dentist's office.
Dentist: Mr. Scoundrél! We were just about to cancel your root canal!
Julio: I guess I've got some nerve causing a commotion!

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  • A vampire's blood drain ability drains Constitution, not hit points directly, so it cannot be healed with normal healing spells and potions.

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