Roy and Vaarsuvius talk about Roy's omen. Durkon intervenes.

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Panel 1

Roy: You're up early.
Vaarsuvius: Technically I do not sleep.
Roy: Join the club.

Panel 2

Roy: Hey, V, how much do you know about spirits?
Vaarsuvius: My knowledge of the denizens of the underworld is unmatched.
Roy: I think I was just visited by a ghost

Panel 3

Durkon: A ghost?
A cone of light shines from Durkon's holy symbol, blinding Roy and Vaarsuvius.
Roy: Gaah!
Vaarsuvius: My eyes!

Panel 4

Roy: Durkon, we're just talking. There's no undead. Go back to sleep.
Durkon: Oh, sorry.

Panel 5

Vaarsuvius: So you received a message from beyond the veil? No doubt with a message of import?
Roy: Yeah, I suppose. That, and a guilt trip.

Panel 6

Vaarsuvius: In my experience one should always heed such missives from the grave. The way in which humans often ignore such omens leaves me aghast.

Panel 7

Durkon: A ghast?
Durkon again shines light from his holy symbol into Roy and V's eyes
Roy: Argh! Damn it, Durkon!
Vaarsuvius: My eyes!!!

Panel 8

Durkon: Agh, sorry, sorry. I jess hate them undead so. Won't happen again.
Durkon: Um, sooo...back to bed, then.

Panel 9

Roy: ANYWAY...I think the spirit was my father.
Vaarsuvius: Indeed? Then I would give his words additional weight, as such signs are rare.

Panel 10

Roy: I guess that means him and mum are up there looking down on me, which is kinda cool.

Panel 11

Durkon: A lich is binding ghouls?
One again, Durkon shines light into Roy and V's eyes.
Roy: O.K, now you're stretching it.
Vaarsuvius: Sweet merciful Gods, my poor useless eyes!

D&D Context Edit

  • Elves in D&D 3.5e do not need to sleep, rather they are required to go into a meditative trance every night.
  • Clerics who worship a good deity have the ability to turn (or possibly destroy) undead creatures one or more times per day. Evil clerics have a comparable ability to command undead.
  • A Ghast in D&D is a more powerful subtype of ghouls, a type of flesh eating undead. Durkon confuses "aghast" with "a ghast", and "which is kinda cool" with "a lich is binding ghouls".

Trivia Edit

  • Vaarsuvius' reaction to the bright light might be a reference to elves possessing low-light vision, which amplifies any existing light.
  • Roy says he is visited by his dad, Eugene.
  • In the Dungeon Crawlin' Fools compilation book, instead of "which is kinda cool", Roy says "which is cool", which Durkon confuses with "a lich's ghoul".

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