Uphill Struggle
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 1165
Date published 29 May 2019
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Durkon makes a shortcut for the dwarves.

Cast Edit


Panel 1

Minrah: That's it. All clear!

Panel 2

Minrah: Durkon's friends can't enter the Middle Chamber 'cause they're not dwarves. It's up to all of us!
Hoskin: Easier said than done… Minrah, right? From church?
Hoskin's Wife: Yeah, how are we all gonna get over a big hole and past a giant worm?

Panel 3

Durkon: I think I can kill two bushes wit one stone axe.
Durkon: Wall of Stone!

Panel 4

A great stone ramp appears with a "WHRNNG!"

Panel 5

Sigdi: C'mon, what're ye waitin' fer, a fancy engrav'd invitation? Let's go!
Hoskin: Aye, Sarge!

Panel 6

Kandro: Thar ye are! Welcome home, lad!
Durkon: Thanks, Uncle Kandro. Sorry I cannae stay fer long.
Kandro: Och, tha's OK. Just glad I got ta see ye first.

Panel 7

Thirden: I guess this battle is really starting to ramp up!
Janna: Ha ha, I'm inclined to agree, Master Squeaky!
Kandro: At least out on tha road, ye dinnae haf ta hear bard jokes once a week.
Durkon: Let's just… keep movin' aye?

D&D ContextEdit

  • Wall Of Stone is a 5th level cleric spell. it creates a wall of rock that connects to another rock surface. The spell description specifically mentions a ramp as a possible shape that the stone could take.
  • V appears to be casting Fireball in the background. Though perhaps it is another spell as the area of effect of a fireball would damage several of the party members.


  • This is the latest appearance of:
    • Two of the Council of Clans Reliefs, portraying various dwarves on the wall of the chamber, first appearing in #1155.
    • The Earth Elementals from #1161.

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