The Vector Legion
Vector Legion Plan
"I have a plan. One that will get you what you want out of life without having to muck around in filthy dungeons until the day we die."


General Tarquin (Self-proclaimed)

Theatre of operations

Western Continent



The Vector Legion was once a team of evil[1] adventurers that Tarquin worked with, and are now his fellow conspirators in his plans to rule over the Western Continent.

While they have not been referred to as such, Rich Burlew himself has confirmed that their team name is The Vector Legion.[2]

Members Edit

  • Tarquin - Lawful Evil Male Human Fighter (presumed). The father of twins, Elan and Nale, he proclaims himself to be the leader of the Vector Legion and is the General of the Empire of Blood, which he used to rule from behind the scenes alongside his partner and friend, Minister Malack. Having attempted to conquer the Western Continent, he was the one who came up with the plan to split up the team to subtly conquer the continent by offering their services to the various kingdoms, securing control of the continent under their three empires. Obsessed with becoming a legend, he will stop at nothing to convince his Good-aligned son to defeat him in combat - even if it results in his demise.
  • Malack - Lawful Evil Male Snakefolk Vampire Cleric. Once a barbarian shaman of a disappeared tribe two hundred years prior to the battle at Girard's Pyramid, the lizardfolk Malack was killed and raised as a vampire, serving as a Cleric of Nergal. Over the next two hundred years he amassed an impressive collection of magical knowledge, including a Protection from Daylight spell and a spell that allowed him to raise vampires earlier than usual, and had many stored as charges in his staff. Alongside Tarquin, he ruled the Empire of Blood from behind the scenes as the Empire's High Priest. At Girard's Gate he killed Durkon Thundershield in battle, raising him as a vampire that would later host the spirit taking the post of High Priest of Hel. He met his end at the hands of Tarquin's son Nale, whom he wished dead for killing several of his children earlier in life. Nale, however, had managed to outsmart him with Zz'dtri, dispelling his Protection from Daylight spell and disarming him of his staff. He soon burned to a crisp, his ashes blown away in the desert.
  • Laurin Shattersmith - Evil Female Human Psion. A nomad of the Western Continent, she is currently serves as an advisor to Queen Shvitzer of the Empire of Sweat alongside Jacinda. Unlike Tarquin, her daughter is unaware of her activities, which she passes off as a legitimate occupation as a very well-connected interior designer. However, she cares much for her daughter, and wishes to giver her a safe life, as well as make the Western Continent more livable. She holds a grudge against Elves for living what she thinks is an idyllic forest life while people in the southern part of the continent have to fight for everything they get. Her status is currently unknown, having been last seen being attacked by The Snarl with Miron.
  • Miron Shewdanker - Evil Male Human Sorcerer or Wizard. Former chancellor of Tyrinaria prior to being reformed as the Empire of Blood, Miron is the Vector Legion's primary spellcaster and one of the advisors of the Weeping King of the Empire of Tears alongside the sixth unknown member of the Legion. Motivated by greed, he sent a letter to Haley Starshine to ransom her father Ian while holding him hostage for Greysky City Thieves' Guild leader Bozzok, and initially refused to assist Tarquin's troops against the Order because he didn't see the profit in it. His status is currently unknown, having been last seen being attacked by the Snarl with Laurin.
  • Jacinda - Evil Female Catfolk Rogue (presumed). Little is known of Jacinda, though she primarily serves as the Vector Legion's assassin in a delicate situation, such as the assassination of Ambassador Gourntonk of Repitilia when he threatened to unravel the Legion's plot. She also serves as an advisor to Queen Shvitzer of the Empire of Sweat alongside Laurin Shattersmith.
  • Unknown Sixth Member - Evil Male Human. Little is known of the last member of the Vector Legion, though he serves as an advisor to the Weeping King of the Empire of Tears alongside Miron Shewdanker. He is unofficially referred to as "Shoulder Pads Guy" on the Giant in the Playground Forums, though he has not been given an official name.


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