The Order reaches the heart of the pyramid only moments before the Linear Guild break out of Girard's phantasm to arrive as well.

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Panel 1

Roy: Whoa…
Roy: Now this room looks like we're starting to make some progress.

Panel 2

Haley: Be careful, boys—I'm pretty sure that ring will zap you if you cross it.
Elan: Ooo! Then let's double-cross it so it un-zaps us!
Belkar: Guys.
Roy: OK, I think that means you've used up your good ideas for the day.
Belkar: GUYS!

Panel 3

Belkar: Fascinating discussion and all—but I smell the Linear Guild on the other side of that door.

Panel 4

Roy: Are you sure? You said you couldn't pick out smells in here.
Belkar: I know the smell of my own blood. But gee, I guess it could be two other people reeking of me.
Haley: There's definitely someone—I can hear them.

Panel 5

Roy: Damn. They must've caught up while we were dreaming.
Haley: Back to the corridor?
Roy: No—I don't want to risk the runes again. Hide in the corner. Elan, I want an illusion of a wall in front of us.

Panel 6

Elan: You got it, Roy!
Elan: Silent Image!
An illusory wall appears in front of them.
Belkar: *huff!* *huff!* *huff!*

Panel 7

Belkar makes it inside the illusion, still out of breath.

Panel 8

Elan: …Are they coming through or not?
Roy: Don't know. Maybe Girard put the same spell on all the corridors leading to this room.

Panel 9

Cut to the Linear Guild in a hall identical to the one the Order of the Stick was in during the dream sequence. Purple runes glow on the walls. Nale's eyes are purple spirals.
Malack: Bah! Leave him behind if he cannot resist a simple phantasm!
Zz’dtri: Wait. Stirring.

Panel 10

Cut to inside Nale's glamour dream. He and Sabine wear crowns and have Haley and Elan stretched out on a rack.
Nale: Hold on—I've been describing my evil scheme for over an hour…and you're still tied up?

Panel 11

Nale awakens from the phantasm dream.

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  • Silent Image is a 1st level spell which creates a visual illusion. It is a staple of Elan's spell repertoire.
  • Illusions that do not make sense to the observer may be disbelieved.

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