We All Just Want to be Held Sometimes
Order of the Stick comic
Comic no. 398
Date published 9 January 2007
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"Leggo My Ego!" "Death Actually IS Too Good For Them"
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The melee continues as Durkon helps Haley deal with Sabine.

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Panel 1

Sabine: See, now, this is more what I had in mind.
Sabine: Just me, you, and your rapidly diminishing life energy.
Sabine drains the life from Haley.

Panel 2

Durkon: Hey, Sabine! I've owed ye this fer a long time!
Durkon hits Sabine with his hammer, causing her to drop Haley.

Panel 3

Sabine: Oh, how cute. The little dwarf has a little hammer.
Sabine: Tell me, holy man, do you actually think your pathetic weapon can really hurt me?
Durkon: No.

Panel 4

Durkon: I do think it can still cause ye ta be flanked, though.
Haley sneaks up from behind with a pair of silver and cold iron arrows.

Panel 5

Haley: I said, "Sneak Attack!"
Haley stabs Sabine with the arrows, "schlurkt! schlurkt!" Sabine: AAAH!
Haley: "BITCH!"

Panel 6

Durkon: Good job, lass, she's down fer tha count. Lemme heal ye up before—
Durkon heals Haley.

Panel 7


Panel 8

Durkon: Did ye say—
Haley: Oh, sorry, I know I shouldn't use the "b" word. My bad.

Panel 9

Durkon: YE CAN TALK!!!
Durkon hugs Haley, lifting her up.
Haley: Ha ha ha!

Panel 10

Vaarsuvius: Excuse me, but did I just hear Master Thundershield incorrectly, or did he just say—
Haley: That I can talk? Yeah, he did.

Panel 11

All three hug
Vaarsuvius: My most sincere congratulations, Miss Starshine!
Durkon: I knew ye had it in ye!
Haley: Thanks, guys.

Panel 12

Thog: group hug!
Durkon: Hold Person.

Panel 13

The group continues to hug as Thog stiffly falls onto a pile of the fallen members of the Linear Guild.

D&D Context Edit

  • In the 6th panel Durkon doesn't shout out his spell, as is usual, but it is likely a Heal spell, based on his dialogue.
  • Hold Person paralyzes a target for up to one minute.

Trivia Edit

  • The title is a pun on being held, as in hugging, and being held as in the Hold Person spell.

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