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Haley's map of the Western Continent
Western Continent
Government Various, mostly dictators
Ruler Various, including Tarquin
Religions Babylonian Pantheon
Exports The Spice Melange

Locations in the Western Continent
Organizations in the Western Continent
Settlements in the Western Continent

The Western Continent is the western continent of the world. Its major features are the Goaway Mountains and the Great Barren Desert.[1]

After the Elves forested the northern part of the continent beyond the mountains, they left the southern part to the Human and Lizardfolk races. However most of the southern part is occupied by the Desert leaving only narrow zones of livable land.

The people of that livable land have fought each other for five hundred years. Every year new expeditions and conquests are made. Countries and political maps change very frequently.[2][3][4]

Plot Lines Occurring in the Western Continent[]

  • #673-698: the Order resupplies at Sandsedge and searches for Girard's Rift in the desert
  • #710-774: Tarquin is introduced, along with the Empire of Blood's nature
  • #775-822: battle between the Order and the Linear Guild
  • #834-936: battle for Girard's Rift against the Linear Guild, the Empire of Blood, and the Vector Legion
  • #937-946: sailing towards Northern Continent

Nations of the Western Continent[]

Small map of the Western Continent from the cartographer's shop in #690



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