The two teams bump into each other while retreating, and are forced to fight the ogres and ninjas.

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Panel 1

Elan: Did we lose the ogre?
Roy: If by "lose the ogre" you mean "attracted two of his friends", then yes.
Durkon: Faster please.

Panel 2

Vaarsuvius: Expeditious Retreat! Expeditious Retreat!
Belkar: I still don't see anything!

Panel 3

Both groups crash into each other. "WHAM!"

Panel 4

Belkar: Ogres!
Haley: Nice spot check.

Panel 5

The Order are fighting against the ogres.

Panel 6

The ogres have been defeated.
Roy: whew...
Haley: yeah...

Panel 7

Roy: Wait... what were you guys running from?

Panel 8

Elan is surrounded by a group of ninjas.
Elan: Well, this looks like a good place to rest.

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  • The title is a reference to the film When Worlds Collide.
  • This is the first appearance of the Female Ogre.
  • This is the final appearance of the Stupid Ogre.

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