Windy Canyon
Capital Draketooth Pyramid
Ruler Draketooth Family
Races Humans
Imports changelings

Locations in the Windy Canyon

Windy Canyon is a canyon located somewhere on the Western Continent that is the location of one of the several gates holding the Snarl, this one guarded in a pyramid built by Girard Draketooth and his extended family. Its name is two-fold: it refers both to the fact that the canyon has several winding passages as well as the extreme wind that blows through it, which has resulted at least once in a party of adventurers to prepare the wrong spells, namely when the Order of the Stick arrived in search of Girard's Gate and the Draketooths.[1]

Following the Battle for Girard's Gate, a brigade of soldiers from the Empire of Sweat moved into the crater that once held the gate in order for Laurin Shattersmith to scry the contents of the rift. Some time afterwards, the Snarl began to break free of its bounds, killing at least one soldier.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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