Wooden Forest
Area Northern Continent
Government banditry
Races Humans

Inhabitants of the Wooden Forest
Organizations in the Wooden Forest

The Wooden Forest was a forest near the Redmountain Hills and easily accessible from a town nearby, not accounting for some Ogres.

It was inhabited by two black dragons, a green hag, and the Bandit Clan of Wooden Forest. It is also home to the world famous Sword Tree.[1]

There was a legend that a meteor fell there years ago, and starmetal would be found there. Sabine persuaded Roy to go and fetch it[2] to repair his Greenhilt Sword in order to lead him on a wild goose chase; however the starmetal proved to be real, and in the possession of the black dragon. The taking of the starmetal and destruction of the young adult dragon had broad consequences for the Order of the Stick and the world at large. The former allowed Roy to reforge the Greenhilt Sword with new abilities, a sword that would later prove to be a Weapon of Legacy, capable of still further powers. The latter created a vendetta against V by the ancient dragon, a vendetta that would ultimately lead to V's Soul Splice and the casting of Familicide.

References Edit

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