The nightcrawler requires micromanaging, but sees the invisible members of the Order of the Stick as they enter the chamber.

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Panel 1

Gontor: Defend this area.
Giant Death Worm: OK.

Panel 2

Gontor: Excellent. Now let's—
Giant Death Worm (off-panel): Wait, which area? This area?

Panel 3

Gontor: Yes, this area here. This...uh...platform thing.
Gontor: Prevent anyone from getting through this door into the Middle Chamber. Anyone except us and our mind-controlled thralls.

Panel 4

Giant Death Worm: OK, got it. Can I eat them?
Gontor: The thralls?
Nightcrawler: No, anyone trying to get past me. Can I eat them?

Panel 5

Gontor: Yes! Of course you can eat them! You're a giant death-worm, I summoned you primarily for the purpose of eating them!
Giant Death Worm: You don't have to get mad, I just wanted to be sure.

Panel 6

Gontor: As I was saying, let's get inside. They'll be calling the meeting to order soon, and one of us should be in—
Giant Death Worm (off-panel): Wait, I have another question.

Panel 7

Gontor: What? What is it? This isn't that complicated!
Giant Death Worm: It's nothing. Sorry. It's not a big deal.

Panel 8

Giant Death Worm: I just...
Giant Death Worm: ...I just wanted to know if the human, the elf, and the crow that just invisibly flew into the room are with you, or...?

Panel 9


Panel 10

Gontor: Invisibility Purge!

Panel 11

Haley: Darn it! Why do all the clerics have that spell prepared?
Vaarsuvius: Because invisibility is an exceedingly common battle tactic among adventurers of our level.
Haley: Yeah, but I just started using it, like, this week! Can't I get some sort of grace period?
Blackwing: Hey, can we stop talking and maybe focus on the invisible crow that's somewhere around here?

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  • Invisiblity Purge is a 3rd level cleric spell which negates invisibility in an area around the caster. The area extends 5 feet per caster level, and since Gontor is at minimum level 13, the spell range is at least 65 feet.

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