The party boards the Mechane, taking flight for the North Pole.



Panel 1

The Mechane hovers above Firmament.

Panel 2

Ozzie: Captain, do you want me to reduce the pressure in these fuel lines?
Bandana: What're you askin' me for? I ain't the engineer 'round here. Ask Andi that stuff.

Panel 3

Carol: They're back! They're coming aboard!

Panel 4

Bandana: I'm guessing it went smoothly, since it looks like nobody died.
Vaarsuvius: Indeed. Technically, our party's death toll was a negative number.

Panel 5

Roy: This is Actual Durkon. He's a real boy now.
Durkon: Pleased ta meet ye, ma'am. Sorry fer causin' so much trouble b'fore.

Panel 5

Bandana: Well, I know my crew'll be happy you ain't no vampire no more.
Durkon: No more happy'n me, Cap'n.
Durkon: I mean, I weren't ev'r really tha vampire, but I sorta was an' I'm happy I'm na anymore. Ev'n tho I weren't.

Panel 6

Roy: Anyway, we're all here and then some, Commander Neckerchief.
Roy: Choo choo! Let's get this airship on the road!
Belkar: That's a train noise, and neither trains nor airships drive on roads!

Panel 7

Bandana: Have you been drinkin'?
Roy: An excellent question. The answer might surprise you.
Bandana: Is the answer, "Yes"?
Roy: I said might.

Panel 8

Haley: Everything worked out to a draw, basically, so we're back to our original plan.
Bandana: Alrighty, that I can work with.

Panel 9

Bandana: We're movin' out, people!
Bandana: Ease her up to three-quarters speed and we'll see how well these field repairs hold.

Panel 10

Mateo: What course are we taking, Captain?
Bandana: It's the North Pole. Follow the compass, and if it suddenly flips around, you went too far.


  • This is the latest appearance of:
    • Kwesi first appeared in #990. This is her twenty-second strip.
    • Mateo, the helmsman, first appeared in #949, and makes his nineteenth appearance in this strip.
    • Ozzie, first appearing in #1062.
  • Roy saying "He's a real boy now" in panel 5 is a reference to the story of pinocchio.
  • Roy's "The answer might surprise you" in panel 8 is a hint to commonly used Clickbait titles.

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