Cquote1.png I love animals. They make great entertainment, don't they, Sir Scraggly? Cquote2.png
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Ranger and rogue class abilities, animal companion: riding dog "Sir Scraggly", kobold racial abilities

Yukyuk was a kobold ranger/rogue, ironically quite cruel to animals, and was Belkar's third counterpart in the Linear Guild. He attacked from a distance with two crossbows, unlike Belkar, who attacks up close with his two daggers. His animal companion was a riding dog named Sir Scraggly, in contrast with Belkar, whose companion is a cat named Mr. Scruffy.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Blood Runs in the Family[edit | edit source]

Nothing is known of the kobold prior to his employment with the Linear Guild in the Western Continent. He first appeared as part of the hastily planned ambush set by the Guild for the Order of the Stick at the arena in Bleedingham. He used his rogue sneak attack ability to score a hit on Vaarsuvius with his crossbows. He then proceeded to track and attempt to kill Mr. Scruffy in the arcade behind the stands. He was thwarted in this effort when Blackwing put Roy's Belt of Giant Strength on the cat, who then tossed Sir Scraggly out onto the arena sands. While attempting to loot Haley's bag of treasure from whence the belt came, he was approached by an invisible Vaarsuvius, who was looking for a way to turn the tide in V's wizard's duel with Zz'dtri.

He was dominated by Vaarsuvius in order to attack Zz'dtri,[1] which helped V win the battle, but as a parting shot the drow trapped him with Vaarsuvius in the Semi-Elemental Plane of Ranch Dressing.[2] He was removed from the plane with Vaarsuvius by Durkon.

Taking full advantage of the kobold's state, Belkar used Yukyuk as a litterbox for Mr. Scruffy. (This was in Keeping with Belkar's habit of turning his counterparts into "something wacky.")[3] He was kept alive and dominated through the process. Vaarsuvius retained him under the influence of the domination spell, and the Order of the Stick used him to carry their magical items, and as a mount for Mr. Scruffy. Noticing he was capable of sneak attacks, Haley also suggested using him to disarm traps. When the order was given, however, Yukyuk simply walked right through them.[4] He was eventually slain by one of Zz'dtri's spells.[5]

Personality and Traits[edit | edit source]

Yukyuk turned the ranger class stereotype on its head by using his knowledge of animals to be cruel to them.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Two Weapon Combat Style: Yukyuk used his ranger ability to wield his dual magical crossbows.
  • Animal Companion: Sir Scraggly served as a companion as well as a mount.
  • Sneak attack: as a rogue, he could also do extra damage when surprising or flanking an enemy.

Weapons and Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Two Crossbows of Quick Loading: Yukyuk's magical crossbows reloaded themselves without him needing to take his hands off the weapons.[6]

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