The Great Nave at Zenith Peak
Zenith Peak
Religions Northern Pantheon

Zenith Peak is a mountaintop in the southern Pinnacle Mountains, 830 miles northeast of Tinkertown[1] near the entrance to Passage Pass.[2]

The mountain was the site of the Northern Godsmoot. The peak itself was crafted into the Great Nave, a church to the Northern Gods, by the Creed of the Stone in the span of a single morning just prior to the moot. They had planned to restore the peak to its natural condition following the event,[3] but have since all been turned into vampire clerics of Hel.[4]

The Great Nave remains in place, while the participants in the Godsmoot are sequestered away there at Zenith Peak until such time as the Council of Thanes votes on how Dvalin shall cast his vote.

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