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Silver Dragon (Zombie)

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Zombie Dragon is the name given to the undead silver dragon which was killed by Xykon and reanimated as a mount from which to lead his army.

When Xykon returned to his "back-up fortress" in the Southern Mountains, he found it occupied by a diverse collection of good-aligned monsters. At the top of the tower in the library where he kept the diary of Serini Toormuck was a silver dragon of unknown age. The dragon nearly killed Redcloak and Xykon, but they were saved and the dragon killed by Shelby the Dragonslayer.[1]

After Redcloak amassed an army of hobgoblins, the silver dragon from the tower reappeared, having been raised as a zombie. Xykon led his army from the mountains astride the undead beast.

At the Battle of Azure City, Xykon was once again on the back of the undead silver dragon, this time under the effects of a Greater Invisibility spell, allowing him to reach the walls undetected. The wind from the dragon's wing flaps tipped off Hinjo and the order, and Sangwaan was able to see the dragon with True Seeing. However, she was immediately killed by the invisible dragon. Durkon dispelled the invisibility, and Roy jumped aboard the dragon to fight Xykon.

During their battle, Roy chopped off its head. The head miraculously (or as V describes it, "a thinly veiled deus ex machina"[2]) fell on the Death Knight Xykon decoy, saving Vaarsuvius' life. With the zombie dragon deprived of its bite attack, it was next to useless to the lich. He destroyed it with a Meteor Swarm with Roy still on it, leading to the fighter's fall and death.

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