Zombies are basic undead creatures. They are corpses animated by necromancy, and exist only to serve their masters. Zombies have no intelligence of their own, and never speak, except the occasional "brains".

Zombies in The Order of the Stick[edit | edit source]

Zombies are used a lot by Team Evil, as bothXykon and Redcloak have the power to animate corpses. They were present in the Dungeon of Dorukan and inhabited mainly the lower floors. They were used again in greater numbers at the battle of Azure City for part of which Xykon rode a Zombie Dragon. They have made only infrequent appearences since then as they do not live in Gobbotopia.

Notable Zombifications[edit | edit source]

  • The young Xykon accidentally zombiefied his dog, Barky, after it died.
  • As a teenager, Xykon zombified his grandmother and Professor Xavion. Once Xavion was a zombie, he could walk without his wheelchair.
  • Xykon zombiefied Lirian after snapping her neck and used her body as a weapon against Dorukan.
  • Redcloak turned his brother into a zombie, believing it was for the greater good.
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